Where is XBR-Fitness located:

We have our headquarters in the Netherlands and a warehouse in Germany and the Netherlands. Currently we do not have a display store.

Where do you ship from:

We usually ship from Germany using DHL or Deutschepost. However, orders from the Netherlands are shipped from our Dutch warehouse location. 

How long does shipping take:

Shipping to The Netherlands and Germany usually takes ~2-4 working days. International shipping takes approximately ~2-7 working days.  However, shipping may take longer due to holidays, weather conditions and specific / unique locations.

I have not received an order confirmation, what should I do:

If your order was successful, you will automatically receive an order confirmation. Please check your spam-box if it is not in your inbox. If it is not in your spam-box, we recommend that you contact us.

Why does XBR-Fitness mostly use stand-up pouches instead of jars:

There are several reasons why we prefer to use stand-up pouches over jars. Stand-up pouches require less material to be created. Due to this, the production of stand-up pouches puts less stress on the environment. This also means that less material needs to be recycled per package, and that customers have less packaging to deal with.

Why does XBR-Fitness mainly sell pure powders instead of capsules or pre-mixed products:

By providing pure powders, our customers can exactly consume the amount of an ingredient they desire. After all, many suppliers use lower amounts than scientifically recommended, as this allows them to increase their profit margins. In order to help clients determine the optimal amount, we provide research backed information regarding all our products. Furthermore, the prices of pure powders are often cheap in comparison to capsules and pre-mixed products.