XBR-Fitness offers a wholesale program for larger clients. This applies for clients ordering >€400 of a single product. Besides a possible wholesale discount, wholesale clients also get the possibility to choose for unmarked packaging in order to resell products without previous branding. If you want to apply, please contact us at: info@xbr-fitness.com. Please note, the following rules apply:

  • Wholesale clients need to order >€400 of a single product.
  • Wholesale clients can choose for packaging without branding on it.
  • Wholesale clients can’t combine wholesale discounts with normal discounts.
  • Wholesale clients need to be located within the E.U.
  • Due to our small margins, we can’t offer a discount on every product.
  • Normal terms and conditions also apply for wholesale clients.
  • Payments need to be made before the ordered products are shipped.